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Only a semi*, but still enjoyable..

*Week off


Hello everyone! How are you all?

I’ve been a bit quiet recently with what seems to be a bit of writers block. Time is getting on, so at this point all my blog ideas are all mangled together like some horrific car crash.  So I hope this post makes sense by the end. I can’t guarantee it though!

I was lucky enough to have the majority of the week before last off. When I say lucky, I mean it’s that time of year and I was told to book the rest of my leave or lose it. Enforced time off? Don’t mind if I do. I then asked Himself if he had any to use up, so I was very lucky and we actually had most of the week off together. Of course it’s not always ideal. With year end racing into view, life in a finance office gets a bit twitchy. All the things I’ve been meaning to get round to now have to be done imminently. Plus regular workload. Plus helping others with runaway budgets etc. I sensibly managed to get lots done before I left, but it still meant that last week was crazy. The outcome of this frenzy meant that I fell asleep early on the sofa every night. Not the best when I then have to drag myself upstairs, feed kittens, brush teeth and get sleepy again. I’m aiming for as little sofa sleeping time as possible this week. But again, no guarantees.

Anyway, our week of calm before the storm was actually quite productive. Of course I’m adding the task of not getting up before 9 everyday to that list. We nailed that one! But as always, our thoughts turned to DIY and house issues. Quite a touchy subject at ours. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you can never go to B&Q just once for any one job. It is also true that you can never go without having some sort of quarrel. So two arguments in as many days, all within the aisles of or local shop. Himself seemed to find loopholes in all my plans, and while I don’t have an in depth knowledge of DIY, I couldn’t work out why things had to be so complicated. Did we eventually get everything we needed? Of course not. That would be against the rules of the universe. But we did manage to get some things sorted. And I should focus on the positives shouldn’t I? Lets have a look.

Now I know what you’re all thinking. Why have you posted a picture of a toilet?


Isn’t it beautiful?

We’ve had a longstanding conflict about our toilet seat. Our first wasn’t what you would call durable. It finally bit the dust about a year ago where it had cracked completely on one side, meaning that it would pinch your bum every time you sat on it. About 6 months ago I decided enough was enough and another rowdy B&Q trip ensued. Since then I’ve been asking Himself (nagging) to get it fixed. Yes, I could have done it myself but when I asked for the tools for the job I was struck down and told I wouldn’t be strong enough to do it. Humph. (And as The Mother commented this morning ‘Why get a dog and bark yourself’. Quite true.) If I had one job I wanted done with my semi week of, it was to have this new seat fitted. It became the ultimate goal. I asked for the tools again and was determined that even if it took me all day, I would get it done. But to my surprise Himself (begrudgingly) offered to do it there and then. I think he knew that I was serious and he didn’t want me fiddling with any of his stuff. Sensible man. Oh how happy I was. It’s like having a new toilet – yes I know this is ridiculous, but it is. The best thing, is that we’d gone for a soft close option, which I’d completely forgotten about until we put it on. If I could load videos on here you’d be treated to a video of the lid opening and closing. Luckily for you I can’t. We’ve spent more time than we should lifting it and closing it again. Sigh. We do get up to some weird things. Like when we got our first washing machine and sat on the kitchen floor watching it go through the cleaning cycle. At least we can be odd together.

The other exciting moment was buying a new washing line. (God we live on the edge don’t we?) It was a sad day when our last one keeled over. And I mean literally keeled over. It was a wonderful sunny blowy day, perfect for sheets and towels, so I went to town. Suddenly panic struck! I was pottering in the kitchen when I saw the line leaning further and further over. I rushed outside and just managed to get there before the shaft completely snapped from the base. To anyone looking on (and I really hope they weren’t) it must have looked like a comedy sketch, with this mad pyjama wearing woman trying to hold up a line with one hand, and unpeg sheets with the other. I can laugh about it now, but I was all sorts of disgruntled at the time. Anyway, Himself promised me a new one to cheer me up, but we’ve only just got round to it. Of course I was hugely excited and eager, and put some blankets on immediately and went on my merry way to have lunch with the in laws. Of course it started raining. Not just drizzle but pouring down. Sigh. I tried to put something on there the next day too, but again the universe interpreted that as my very own special rain dance and opened the sky again. It hasn’t really stopped since.


Spring has been coming and going at the moment. I managed to get this rare sunset last week, but mostly it’s been disappointing. Occasional sunshine that vanished before you make it outside.

Still with me? If so congrats for making it through the boring DIY excitement. Now for more important craft matters.

It wasn’t all sleep and DIY luckily. I did manage to get out and see my favourite little family. It’s always such great hospitality there. Not only do I get fed, but I get afters too. It was a great lazy night with good telly, marvellous cuddles with Little Miss and the opportunity to get lots of craft done without the guilt of washing up calling me. I managed to get more shrug done and properly start the ATR  secret baby project.

Despite the changeable weather the temperatures have been rising. So much so that I finally got to get the green yarn out for my temperature blanket!


I have to admit that it was a bit underwhelming when no one seemed to understand the significance of the green. Why wasn’t everyone as excited?!? Fools! I’ll give a proper update later on in the month, but we’ve since had another 4 green days since then. It’s all gone quiet and I’m firmly in the blues at the moment, but things are looking up.

The Parents were away for a couple of days that week, but through the wonders of technology, I had an frantic picture message from The Mother announcing the arrival of Caron Cakes in Hobbycraft. Has anyone seen them yet? I seemed to miss the actual announcement so it’s a good job she found them. Clearly I needed to go see (buy) them for myself. It was like a family outing of olden days, but as soon as I was through the door I shot off like some yarn hunting sniffer dog, leaving them for dust. I can’t work out whether Caron are evil marketing geniuses or genuinely didn’t realise how well they would take off. Either way I knew they would be limited, especially with a three for two offer. Of course this made it harder to decide and easier to just buy them all. Evil geniuses. What d’you think?


Luckily, The Mother was kind enough to substitute Easter eggs for cake. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them though. For now I’m happy just looking at them, but eventually I will have to decide. If anyone has any good ideas let me know! We were looking into patterns and I decided I’d probably made a mistake buying just one of each colour. While they’re a huge 200g weight, what can you do with 200g really? Especially with my addiction to size.  Like most shops, Hobbycraft like to entice you at the till to do certain things. This time it was join their club with an incentive of 15% off the next purchase. Late Sunday night when I was looking at patterns a plan started to formulate. Could I use the three for two AND the 15% off? I wonder. I decided I should at least try. Maybe it would work, then it would be a bargain. At 10.30 on the Sunday night after the first week, and the last day of the offer, stock was short as you can imagine. I’d wanted to get more of the strawberry trifle colour (with the pink, cream and beige at the top of the pyramid) but it was all gone so went for what I could get of one of the blues. Of course I’ve just checked and they have it in stock again. I repeat, evil geniuses.  Anywhoo, I’m thinking probably a C2C, get halfway through the yarn then decrease again. They’re still in the box at the moment. I’m not sure Himself knows they’re there yet. I wont be starting it just yet anyway. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed again at the moment, project and work wise, so may keep them to take on holiday. Again something else we need to get around to..


Well done if you’ve got to the end! I hope it wasn’t all gibberish? I’m hoping normal service will resume shortly. Roll on 1st April!


Much love xx


9 thoughts on “Only a semi*, but still enjoyable..

  1. Thank you for the humorous insight into your exciting life! I too have to deal with such excitement as new windows, discussions about window coverings, and what colour paint to put on the walls. Life eh! I agree that one 200g ball doesn’t go far which is why, when I bought yarn this week, I got 400g of each colour. You never know!


    1. All this being a grown up business! I’m not sure how I coped with such excitement like Christmas as a kid. Saying that I do remember being given a toaster for my birthday once and being overjoyed. Little things eh?

      Very sensible yarn choices. It was a bit of a panic buying situation. ‘Quick, get what you can! Shove it in the basket! Quick!’


  2. Thank you for giving me such a good laugh! I have to say it was a little like looking in the mirror. The impending doom of year end followed by obligatory spats with the Husband on anything DIY related! I actually had to stop reading part way through I was laughing so much! I can appreciate your green in your blanket – bring on more I say!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha any time! Im very glad. Also just glad it was coherent.

      It is the rule of the universe though. I went by myself after work and it was a completely pleasant experience. Well, pleasant may be going a bit too far. But there was no shouting. Huge improvement.

      Year end is fast approaching. But on the plus side, it means it’s nearly over. Then we can neglect tax returns for another 11 months. Keep that happy thought in your mind and it’ll get you through.

      Also thank you for the green love. More to follow. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great fun! You’re not alone in the DIY debates, as you clearly know! I’m looking forward to seeing more of the blankey…sorry, blankets are always called blankeys in our house!


    1. I’m so very glad I’m not alone with DIY woes. Ha they’re called fluffies in mine 🙂 and me too! Will be a while though. I thought doing one a day would be easier than it is! There’s a metaphor somewhere in there I’m sure..

      Liked by 1 person

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