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SAL update No 4

Hello pawb!

So a bit of spot the difference progress today.

Here’s where I was last time..


And here’s where I am now..


So I’ve actually been working on this pretty solidly for the past month, but it’s one of those times where it doesn’t look like much progress. Let me explain…


Last time I suggested that I might focus on areas at the top so that I could eventually roll the frame down. That sort of went out the window. I did do minimal colouring in..


.. and uncovered another star..


.. but mostly I’ve been working on this guy.

I had such good intentions to work on top sections I promise, but Himself was a having a look at my plan and requested that I focus on this piranha plant. Seen as he bought Big G for me I thought I’d better oblige. Unfortunately it was one of those fiddly sections with only 3 or 4 stitches in one colour and lots of colour changes. Again, I’m not sure you can see in the picture but there are so many colour variations. This meant that I had use my excess thread in other areas. I tried to focus on the top as much as possible.


As there was lots of reds I obviously topped up the heart/star/plus..


.. did some more hair..


.. but also had to work on some of the banner sections.


The white space I have left is where there was only one square needed or I couldn’t find any other of the same colour on this section. I’ll have to leave those for another time.

I actually quite liked being told what to focus on. If I have to focus on stuff myself I tend to get bored and move on to something else. So with this in mind, I’m opening it up to you guys. Is there anything you really want me to focus on? Would you like to see the heart/star/plus finished? Do you wish I’d just finish the M already? Are you itching for me to start some hair? I’m letting you decide. Comment in the box below, and the section with the most votes wins!

After you’ve made your decision, go and visit the other stitchers in this SAL. There are some amazing projects going on. They’re well worth time time.


Kathy MargaretCindyHelen, LindaCatherine, Wendy

We post every third Sunday, so we’ll see you back here on 2nd April.

See you then!


Much love xx



32 thoughts on “SAL update No 4

  1. I think I’d get disheartened if I could see the progress. So I’m definitely one for picking an area/block of colour and getting it done. I’m loving the plant it adds a lot of character.


      1. Hmm. If it were me, I think I’d concentrate on the banner/sign. That way when you look at it it would be a bit more obvious what it is rather than a load of smaller bits.


  2. I guess you find the blue parts with stars a bit boring to stitch, but I would vote for you to finish these parts. It feels much better once you have finished them. That´s what I would do anyway 🙂


  3. I vote those large background blocks on the top corner or the stars in the top background. LOL, piranha plant… Great progress!


  4. I admire anyone who can do a design with so many colour changes! I have a lovely wolf at the bottom of the pile because I god fed up with all the changes every second stitch! It’s looking wonderful, and it’s nice that you have someone interested in what you are doing!


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