And now for something a bit different..

Hello all


Contrary to normal proceedings, I’ve decided not to write about things I’ve been doing, but about things others have been doing. Specifically what The Mother has been up to. She’s been a very busy bee.

The Mother learned to crochet shortly after me, which was marvellous as we can now lust after patterns together and she very kindly donates her magazines to me.

There seems to be a current theme with us at the moment, I’ve had a couple of people ask me to teach them over that past couple of months, but The Mother has taken it one step further and set up a craft evening to teach other would be crafters. I think they got in contact with her through mumsnet, but shes got so many online avenues, it could be any of them! There was of course the conversation about safety.

Me: ‘Are you sure this is safe?’

The Mother: ‘ Yes, we’re meeting in a very public place.’

Me: ‘Hmm. I’m sure this is the sort of thing you warned me against when I was younger.’

The Mother: ‘Shh.’

Quite the role reversal I can tell you. Despite the safety issues, what a nice thing to do. Mrs ATR and I popped in for one of the sessions, yes to make sure The Mother was alive, but mostly for moral support. I’m happy to report that all was well, with one lady well on her way, and another lady just starting out. I like seeing the beginnings of groups like this. We didn’t stay long, we’d abandoned the gents and I’d already had a 15 min warning for dinner, but it was enough to see the interest from others. Of course when you do things like this is public, people are always peering over to see what you’re doing. You all know the looks. But one lady did come and ask actual questions with talk of coming herself the next time. How lovely. While I’ve become increasingly aware of how big and welcoming the online craft community can be – especially since starting this blog – its still wonderful to find likeminded people that you can actually meet face to face (providing its in a safe environment obviously). I think crafters can feel affinity to other crafters they meet quite quickly, so lets hope they stick together.

Now we move on to her..whats the word? Obsession? It fits the bill.


Since before Christmas, shes been doing some charity crochet work for Woolly Hugs. From what I can see, its seems to have taken over her life. Which is no bad thing of course. Let me delve into details further..


Woolly Hugs is a charity and online community that makes blankets for various different causes. Volunteers make up squares with a specified colour scheme and then post them in to be turned into big blankets that are given away. Now I’m going to be honest here. When I first encountered the website, I was a little bit overwhelmed and lost. I didn’t quite know what was going on. After exploring further, and getting clarification from The Mother, it became clear that there are lots of different projects going on. And I mean lots. They have projects running that are linked to childrens hospitals, refugee centres, cancer support groups and palliative care patients. You could easily spend hours looking through all the projects. They also run craft sales for other charities so they really cover a broad range.


One of the things I like about this charity is that there are lots of ways to help. Most charities just ask for money with no idea of where it’s actually going or giving any other ways to help the cause. People don’t always have money to spare, but have time or skills and would like to get involved. With Woolly Hugs you can of course donate money but you can also offer your services to create or connect blankets. If squares aren’t your thing, they have appeals for handmade items for craft sales. They also appeal for things you wouldn’t usually think of. Obviously they accept yarn donations to send to their volunteers who cant afford to buy their own, but they also need things like packing paper, brown tape and envelopes. Those little extra things that you wouldn’t necessarily think about. I like that there are lots of different ways to help. It also means you can see exactly where your help is going.


It does frighten me how much time and energy this must take to organise. I mean, I like keeping lots of balls in the air, but this is crazy.


Woolly Hugs has recently had some good news too! They’ve won the Stylecraft Charity competition. Amazing! I think they get a bag full or yarn, but more importantly the publicity they need to get more people involved. On that note, I’ve put their details below for easy access:

So well done Woolly Hugs! Keep up the good work! Also well done to The Mother. All the pictures used today are her personal squares that shes sent away. Can’t you tell I’m beaming with pride. 🙂


Much love xx


4 thoughts on “And now for something a bit different..

  1. I thinks it’s wonderful that you and The Mother share your crafting hobby, and that you worry about her linking up with people from on-line lol.


  2. What a lovely post. It’s worked the other way around in our family – I’ve taught my thirty-year old daughter to crochet in the last year and she’s become something of a monster! all her expectant friends have received a hand-made baby blanket, each in a different design. We’ve also started a craft evening which is great fun.
    And thanks for the information about Woolly Hugs, I’ll spread the word !


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