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Mid February update

Hello lovely people! How are you all? I enjoyed doing a mid monthly update last month (yes I know I’m a tad late) so here’s what’s been going on since last time.

My pictures of early daffodils went down so well the last time I posted them – quite right too – that I had to take a picture of the next ones I saw. My very first open daffodils of the year. I’ve been saving the picture especially. This is our local florists who always does lovely displays. They also do lots of childrens activity days which Little Miss thoroughly approves of.


We’ve had very up and down weather here recently, which is making me want to get in, lock the door and stay in pyjamas until they can walk themselves about. For those of you in the know, you’ll know that I am mostly in pjs anyway, but this is an increased yearning for them.

On the flip side, we’ve getting lighter evenings. Only scraping a smidge of course, but it’s still making our world a better place. I took this picture just as the darkness was descending. Pretty clouds are the closest I can get to sunsets at the moment.


It even got to the stage where last week we actually managed to venture out for a walk last week. I managed to get an early finish and Himself sneaked out early too, so we both arrived home with a sense of surprise and delight. What could we do with that time? I’d been moaning that we needed to get back out into our walking routine as soon as we had light enough to do so, so we set out with excited determination. And my goodness, it was wonderful! I wish I’d taken more pictures. It was dark within 20 mins of course, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Nothing vigorous or fancy, just a jaunt around the castle, but it was wonderful to get some fresh air into our lungs. Lovely too to see the sights that we’d only seen silhouetted for 4 months. We got to see swarms of geese chasing children. (Is there anything more frightening than being chased by umpteen geese knowing that you’re empty handed. Especially when some are taller than you!) We also saw some birds wed never seen before. Funny looking things called Muscovy ducks. I wish I’d taken a picture, but here’s some details. Anyone know anything more? We’ll have to try and find them again next time we venture out. But it was very nice just to spend time with ourselves, without the demands of housework, various projects in front of us or tiredly staring at the telly before falling asleep on the sofa. Nice to have a proper conversation and a chance to catch up. (Weird as it sounds, even though we live in the same house, we don’t always get a chance to fully inform each other of events.) We did of course have to halt conversations while we(me) puffed up a hill or two.

On to the craft!

Unfortunately my weekend warmables have come to a bit of a standstill. Scarf has been completed though! When I say complete, I mean done, but with ends all over the place. In truth this is one of the reasons that its getting held up. One day I’ll remember not to do so many colour changes! But yes, very nearly there. My second holdup is that I cant find a mitten pattern that I want. I’d toyed with just winging it and doing my own but then I went off that idea. I’m not sure I’ve got the brain power for that at the moment. I have however, stumbled across something that might save the day. This is the yarn I had left after hats and scarf were finished.


Not a lot is it? I wasn’t sure whether to try and use that up or make the gloves in the same colours but in a DK. But yesterday, as Doris was beating the outside world to bits, I decided to have a sort out of my craft corner and came across a large amount of the same yarn that I’d used for The Fathers scarf. Oh if only I’d found this before I started my scarf! Hugely frustrating. But it does mean that I have a heap of yarn that I can use towards gloves without the fear of running out. Yes, it’ll be even more of a mish mash, but that’s actually the point of these mini projects I think. To be selfish and make some nice things for me and to not be wasteful with a yarn I wouldn’t usually use, and wouldn’t have the opportunity to use up at a later point. Responsible yarn usage must be a good thing right? Anyway I haven’t taken a photo of current progress, I’ll take one when everything is complete.

Going back to my point above, look how much warmer its getting!


I’ve been making good progress with this blanket and am not too far behind. Above was where I was with January all done. Below is where I’m up to now.


I have to admit I’ve become a tad obsessed with getting my temperatures every day. I was thrilled last week when I thought I would get the chance to put some green in. I was giving Himself regular updates and trying not to tempt fate by bringing the green yarn out of hibernation. Oh the disappointment on the day when it dropped back down to 12 instead of the magical 13. I was nearly tempted to cheat and just put it on anyway. But then I realised that I’d get plenty of chance to use the green soon, and probably get bored of it too!


While I didn’t get a chance to use green, I’ve had lots of opportunity to use the Aster blue colour. I’m loving these colours together at the moment. Especially when it’s the same inside and out. I’ve always umed and ahed about Parchment. But these go so well together. So well I might have to do something with these colours afterwards.


While joining, I was getting slightly worried as my hexes were starting to curl slightly. I tried loosening my tension on the joining round, but it didn’t seem to do anything. It was only when I got to the point where I was joining more hexes down the next row that it all sorted itself out. It seems they like to be nestled next to things for them to be flat. You can see the ones at the bottom are having a party by themselves, whereas the ones in the middle are completely flat and sedate. It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t panicking for nothing eh?


I’ve hit a bit of a snag at this point however. When researching, I found a layout for hexes that would give me the full years worth plus one extra without having any extra left over or making it a funny shape. I’m now having serious doubts about this layout. It would mean that the blanket would be 7 rows along. I’m nearly at that now and it’s not very wide. Just over hip width. It would also mean that it would end up quite long. A very unaesthetic shape. I didn’t want it to come to this, but I think I’ll have to spend the weekend cutting up lots of paper rectangles and trying to find a layout for myself. I’m sure there’s a way. I just have to put the effort in. More news on that next time.


My shrug seems to be flying along. I say seems because I never actually check it until I take it out to write about it. It stays in my out and about craft bag and I can pull out the section when I need it then shove it back in. I did notice that it’s starting to get a tad too big to take around with me now, which is worrying as there’s still a fair bit to do. I didn’t have the sense last time to measure it, but I suppose I could do a count of the rounds? Lets do that now..


… 28 rounds last time, 41 now. Wow! I didn’t realise it was that much! That’s made me happier. Obviously as it gets bigger, the rounds take longer to do, and take more yarn to complete. I’m now on my 5th ball. I think I just need to keep going for a bit longer. Draping it over my shoulders, it comes to half way down my upper arm. I’m conscious that the wider I make it the longer it gets down my back. I’ve got some room yet, but will need to keep a better eye on it to check how long it’s getting. If needs be I can always put extra on the border for the arms. It’s an interesting feeling for me to not have a specific plan. I’m not usually the sort to just ‘see how it goes’, so it’s almost liberating.

Anyway that’s all for now. More updates next month!


Much love xx

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