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A very merry crochet birthday to me!

So a very important date has completely passed me by! With all the activity in January, I completely forgot that I was celebrating my crochet birthday. I’m usually a sentimental fool, how could I have forgotten? Seen as it plays such an important part in my life. 

Its hard to believe that its only been a year, and how quickly it has taken over everything. I remember just over a year ago sitting down with some American videos, trying – for the last time – to teach myself. I don’t know why this time worked and the others didn’t. It’s a complete mystery. But oh my, how glad I am that it stuck.

The different way you can learn are endless, but if anyone is interested I used these online videos. There are hundreds (thousands even) of videos out there, but these are the ones that did it for me. You’ll learn in American, but that’s ok. They have hundreds of videos on crochet, knitting and weaving. The crochet ones I watched were clear, concise and slow enough for a beginner. They get a thumbs up from me.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite crochet related pictures from the past year – almost like a first birthday party, if you will, where you proudly stick photos of your children up on the wall. Looking through my collection, it seems that I decided not to take many photos at the beginning. This was probably understandable as they were probably rubbish. But I wish I’d taken some to keep a record of progress.

So here we are. You’ll probably also see a cross section or my PJ collection. You’re welcome.



My very first go! Doesn’t even look like anything does it? But boy I was proud!

b2Second go. Much better!

b3A very wonky first swatch. Its like a babies first steps!


Now we’re getting somewhere. Testing my stitches for granny stripe.


Naww. My first granny square. Again all sorts of wonky.

It’ll get more interesting soon I promise you..

b7Aha! Here I was testing borders for a project I haven’t told you about yet.


Look at that! Getting my thumb in for scale really helps.


Giant 19mm hook to go with the giant yarn.


So this project is currently unfinished. I’m hoping to get it completed and out into the ether next week where I can explain all. The word epic falls short! More on this soon, I promise!

b10And of course a kitten shot. They decided to help (attack) when I was testing the chain length for the granny stripe. Sigh.

b13He’s a beaut though isn’t he?


Possibly the best birthday present of the year.


What a lovely day. Himself and I spent the afternoon in Dyffryn Gardens for my birthday. After we’d wandered around the house, eaten cake and watched the pigs being fed, we meandered through the gardens and perched on a grassy bank to have a sit for a while and take in the view.


It seems I’m the only one who enjoys Wimbledon in my house. He slept right through.


Here’s where the baby blankets started, in our local wine/wool shop with Mrs Acrosstheroad. We spent a good half hour trying different colour combinations and still didn’t buy anything.


You have to love Aristocats pyjamas. Plodding along with my squares.

b22This was for my favourite little Miss who turned 6 last year. I wanted something little to slip in her card. I can see this being an annual tradition now.


More baby blankets. And finally getting the join right. Never was a woman more frustrated.


I do love a sea of crochet.


The start of my winter saviour. Again an unwritten about project. very nearly finished. Watch this space.


A sneaky clue into the final unfinished Christmas present.


Devil hook roll project for The Mother. Very pretty though.



Blankets all done and ready to go out to the babes. So many blankets started, but these are my first ever finishes. Momentous day.


One of my favourite Christmas makes. What a lovely looking plump cushion.


It’s an elf hat with a beard attached!


All the way up to current projects. I’m still loving this temperature blanket, although I am egging it on every day so I can maybe put a bit of green in. It’ll be here before we know it. More updates soon.

So I hope I haven’t bored you too much with my crochet photo album. It’s been nice to reminisce about the crafty year I’ve had. Its very nice to see the progress that’s been made, but also to see where I can improve, and think about all the projects to come.

Much love xx


7 thoughts on “A very merry crochet birthday to me!

  1. You have made such great progress and been so productive in only a year. I wish I could remember learning to crochet, but it is in the dim and distant past! Happy crocheting. Nicola


    1. Thank you! Where did the year go eh? But yes, it seems to have completely taken over. Well you could always learn something new? I try to pick up something newish every year – it doesn’t always happen mind you, but its a nice thought.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you so much for this post! I am taking my baby steps with crochet and seeing your progress has given me even more incentive !


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