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SAL update No 3

Hurrah! It’s that time again!

Of course I’m only hurrahing because you should be able to see some noticeable difference this time.

Here’s where I was last time.


Here’s where I am now.


I know. A massive invasion of white space.


Save from a bit more border..


..I’ve been focussing on trying to fill up as many white gaps as I can this month. In reality, this means I’ve been a bad girl because I haven’t been doing much background. You’ll notice hardly any colouring in has been done. Instead, I’ve been working on the swathes of background colour in the middle. This occurs where the ribbons and banners on the top weave in and out of each other and it shows the background. I love the attention to detail with Big G. I’m nearly finished with these so colouring in will resume shortly.


Working on such big areas like this means I’ve got a better chance of jumping from them to start other colours. Less counting = less chance for human error. Especially when I’ve been working on little fiddly one spacers. I’m finding that my options are opening up, making it more enjoyable.


I also expanded the heart section I was working on last time, and started the star and the + sign underneath.


I mentioned last time that I was itching to start on Big Gs hair. Well I’m pleased to say that I resisted (save from two leftover singles)! I’m saving it for a time where I really need to be cheered up. Like when you keep your last Easter egg until July for emergency purposes.

Please ignore the kitten claw mark here. Its another reason why I can’t wait to fill this space.

My intention for next time are to continue to work on the heart/star/+ badges, but maybe to try and focus on some of the more fiddly elements, maybe along the top banner. I’ve come to the realisation that eventually I’ll need to roll the frame, so better to work on top sections too, and not just the interesting ones. What d’you think? We’ll see if I manage it!


I’ve mostly been storming along with Big G this time, until this week hit. It’s shocking how slowly I work when I’m tired. Two of my colleagues were off this week, so I’ve been filling in for both of them. My Fitbit has never been worked so hard. I’ve been falling asleep promptly at about half way through whatever we’ve been watching. Every night. Even Valentines Day which consisted of a late shift, a take away, then watching half of the film I’d been wanting to see for ages. Also it may have been my sleepy brain, but I couldn’t remember watching the second half of the prequel either. I was all ‘Who’s that then?’ and ‘What’s happened to him?’. Very annoying. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion I might have fallen asleep half way through that too.. Old age etc.

After you’ve finished reading my witterings, please go and see the other stitchers in this SAL. There are some amazing projects going on. We post every 3 weeks and every person does something different. It’s really lovely to see everything come along.


Kathy MargaretCindyHelen, LindaCatherine, Wendy

See you on 12th March!


Much love xx

26 thoughts on “SAL update No 3

  1. So many colors and bits!! I think that in the next update or the one after, you’ll hit that corner where things come together quickly and it really changes the look from bits of color to an entire piece, at least in this section. You have quite a few sections on this!!!!! Oh my !😀


  2. You’ve moved so far with this! It’s looking fabulous. One if the reasons I like working multiple projects at once is so when I’m really tired I will hopefully have something I can stitch that doesn’t involve too much brain power!


    1. It was a shock to me too! I’d been putting off the big purple bits, but they really make the difference. Oh yes switching it essential. I’ve been really motivated this time though. Doing Big G and forsaking all others. Really helps having everyone’s support. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tehe they don’t know what’s good for them. They used to sit behind the frame so I couldn’t see them, then try to catch the thread as it came out the back. No regard to whether they’d get poked in the eye or not. I feel like I’ve been s bit obsessed if I’m honest! I’ve had to pull myself away to do other things.


  3. I congratulate you on being brave enough to put in the single stitches so early in the game. I’d be afraid I hadn’t counted correctly and would have to go way back to make a correction. But maybe you’ve got it the right way round afterall…. taking out a few stitches is easier than a whole section. Well anyway, hope you can catch up on your sleep soon so your stitching doesn’t suffer!


    1. Ha thank you. I’ve only attempted it where there are clusters together. Nothing more adventurous. There are some single spaces with nothing else around for pages. They can wait until the end. I’ve been a lazy so and so and slept most of today. Feeling much more alive 🙂


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