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SAL update No 2

Hello fellow stitchers!

Well I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve been flying along with Big G this time! So much so that you should be able to notice some difference and not just me!

Here’s were I was last time


Heres where I am now


I’ve been focussing on filling giant white gaps. I decided I needed something to concentrate on, so can you see the beginnings of a heart shape forming here?


Of course there’s 9 colours that make up this tiny section so never as simple as it could be. But then I like a complex lady..

Have a look at this section.


I’ve been using bits of leftover heart area to start this. While it may just look like a big patch of white, it is actually going to be Big Gs quiff. It’s going to be lovely doing this section. I’m itching to start it, but I know I should concentrate on what I’m already doing. We’ll see if I’ve succumbed next time.


I’ve also unearthed another border star for filling in at a later date. I may have to start working on the border on the other side soon. I don’t want to roll the frame until I’ve completed more, but I’ll be running out of edging soon!


Of course there’s the obligatory colouring in, and I’ve managed to get 1 white box done, plus the majority of another mammoth box.

For those of you who haven’t been following, there are lots of other crafters taking part in this SAL. Please take the time to go see their amazing projects. If you’re interested in joining, speak to Avis and she can sort you out. Updates are every 3 weeks and every project is different – it’s amazing to watch them grow. See you 19th Feb!


Kathy MargaretCindyHelen, LindaCatherine, Wendy


Much love xx

27 thoughts on “SAL update No 2

  1. You’ve just shown very clearly why someone (me) who can’t keep things straight in her head needs to work in just one colour… It’s going to be awesome when it’s done, but my word, what a lot of work!


    1. I find concentrating on one section, then moving about a bit helps. It’s not the work that worries me, it’s the time! I found that I’d be working on a section, look up and an hour had passed, but so little actually finished. Never realised I was such a slow stitcher!


    1. Thanks! I’ve been fairly focused this time. More than usual anyway. I’m ridiculously anal about it. I’ll quadruple check it on the canvas and on the chart. Maybe that’s why it takes me so long! 😂 the jumping about says a lot about my attention span! Not what it should be!

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