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How nice it is to get away..

Hello pawb! Oh dear, where did the past week go?!?

I started this post the week before last, but things have been so busy I haven’t had the chance to write. I don’t mean exciting things obviously. I mean boring work stuff. You know when a deadline suddenly creeps up on you and you have a moment of panic? Well I had that in the shower last Monday morning. Not pleasant. But I’m so pleased to say that after a week of very hard work I finally got everything done. Enough that I could get off early Friday. Which is important as we were going on holiday!! Ok, slight exaggeration. We were going away for the weekend. Id initially planned for this post to be written on the road, but that didn’t happen either. Have you ever just felt the need to get away? Anywhere. It really doesn’t matter. But anything so that you’re staring at a different set of 4 walls? I also had that on last week. Himself is generally averse to going away for weekends it seems, but I managed to persuade him. It’s our anniversary tomorrow so I had a bit of leverage. 3 satisfactory years ;). Where’s the time gone! Time apparently flies when you’re trying to be a grown up. Anyway, I’m a sensitive soul, and I felt the need to celebrate it by doing something better than a take away on the sofa. So we headed down to a colleagues holiday flat in west wales. It seems to be the holiday rental of choice for my work, I think everyone has stayed there. I cannot explain how excited I was that something I’ve planned has come off despite obstacles. And oh my word there have been a lot of those ..

Firstly, we obviously had the threat of the white stuff. But it all came to nothing. Here’s the view from my garden Friday morning.


See nothing at all. A pretty dusting on the mountains, but nothing to derail plans. This country seems to completely stop with half an inch, so as you can imagine I was I praying to all known gods that we’d be spared.

Secondly, I had a run of minor injuries that were generally making life harder. This is the littlest one..


I’d advise everyone not to have arguments with bread knives. They usually always win. This was a nightmare for getting any crochet done. It was just in the wrong place for where my yarn feeds through. Plasters normally helped but I wasn’t always sensible enough to get one on before I left the house. I also had a brief trip to A&E. Nothing serious, in fact very trivial according to the nurse. Wednesday morning I made the very sensible decision to kick something big and heavy that was at the bottom of the stairs. Not only was it big and heavy, I kicked into some stone ornaments that my Nan had made. Oh the pain! Stubbing your toe is awful anyway, but I knew straight away this was no ordinary stubbing. I hobbled round and it still wasn’t getting better. Eventually I bowed to pressure and went to A&E to get it looked at. But they didn’t even X-Ray it! As usual with medical professionals around here I felt like I was wasting their time for going, not that they were busy. I was told straight off that nobody cares about toes, got strapped up and sent on my way. In and out in 10 mins. It’s still painful and all sorts of pretty colours, so I don’t know what to make of it, but I’ll end my rant here or else never.

On to more pleasant matters..

We rushed home, packed everything, tidied a bit, fed everyone, loaded the car and set off in full road trip mode. Only slightly later than I wanted too which for us is an achievement. In truth, the thing that took the longest time was getting the rascals out of the cases..


I’d bought one of those light up hooks for the journey so I could get some work done in the dark, but it was immediately vetoed by Himself. Spoil sport. It always strikes me how het up I get when I’m doing nothing. I mean I looked though all the feeds on my phone, navigated and laughed at funny place names as normal, but I really struggle if I’ve got nothing to do with my hands. I hate just sitting there doing nothing. It feels like an inefficient use of my time. I could be creating something, instead I’m sitting there bored. Thank goodness the journey is less than 2 hours!

We entered Saundersfoot and it shocked me how quiet it was. No cars, no people. This was to be the topic of conversation for the weekend. It always amazes me how lifeless some tourist towns seem in the winter months. Of course it isn’t lifeless, but as we walked down towards the town passed umpteen dark hotels it made me wonder how small business survive without the holiday trade in winter.

Anyway I was feeling quite optimistic while strolling down the gentle slope towards the town. ‘This is fine’ I thought ‘And they call this is hill!’ Silly silly me. Before we’d even got to the brow where you could see the town, my knees had started to complain. From there it was a mammoth drop. Going down was one thing, but I knew I’d have to come back up there! I was a puffing mess by the time I’d got back up to the top. Not a bad view though.




Food collected and eaten and hill climbed, time to have a nose about the flat. And what a flat! It was beautiful, lots of space, bigger kitchen than ours at home and amazing bathrooms. So amazing I was inspired and took a picture for you.


Good colour scheme for a blanket don’t you think? Maybe something for later in the year. My project list is rapidly growing. More on that later.

So a lazy morning while Himself slept in. I found old school Gladiators on the telly so settled down with Wolf and my craft. It’s always the question. What craft do I take with me? I decided on smaller ones and took some chunky wool and make some more hats. I used the lovely mocha colour, and as always my lovely rosewood 10mms.


I know I keep meaning to tell you about this pattern and it’s in the pipeline I promise. It works up so quickly, managed to get lots done in no time.




We felt the need for sea air Saturday afternoon, so headed down to the town for a wander. Yes that hill, but worth it for all the views..



Time to take in the beach properly. I’ll warn you now, expect a lot of beach photos..


I was also delighted to see my first daffodils, even if they hadn’t emerged yet. A sure sign that spring is on the way.


Also found a sign that made me chuckle


I really hate seagulls. I’d go as far as to say it’s a phobia.

We wandered past some shops, but a lot were closed. It must be cheaper for them to close in the winter. Himself had stayed in Saundersfoot as a child, so we went to see where he stayed. WE carried on along this route, with the intention of eating in a pub that had been recommended. To do this we had to walk through tunnels in the cliff. This was not my favourite activity, I don’t like tunnels. Especially when they rain on you..


This was the shortest and even here you struggled to see while you were in the middle. Definitely a time for big girl pants and we ploughed through to more glorious views.



We emerged from the last and rounded the corner, only to see a jam packed car park. So all the way back we trundled. Sigh. Never mind. At least we saw scenery like this.


We ended up eating in a pub called The Old Chemist Inn which had lovely views out to sea.

I also came across this extraordinary trophy


I’ve tried researching this but information is sparse. Try here for last years info. From what I can gather, all the establishments in Saundersfoot compete for the prize of best cawl maker. For anyone who doesn’t know what cawl is, try here. But what a lovely trophy. It caught my eye straight away and I kept going back to look at it. What a lovely thing for a town to do.

Suitably stuffed we trudged back up the hill. Worse because of the full bellies, but easier for the imbibed pint.

I wish I could tell you that we went on lots of adventures, but in truth we did a lot of sitting about and napping. It was nice to be resting without the guilt that there was something that needed to be done.

We were leaving Sunday, but we still had time for a lazy morning, with more films and sausage sandwiches. I also managed to catch up with my temperature blanket (this post was originally meant to be the info for it – it’ll be the next one I promise). Take a look at these..


Don’t they look lovely. Its one of the best things about doing lots of little sections, you get to take lovely photos.

We were more than sad to be leaving. Not just because it was a lovely place, but because we’d had the chance to have a rest and spend some time together. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes its difficult to achieve that at home. Hopefully I’ve brought him round to the idea of having weekends away and we can begin to have lots more adventures again. 🙂


Again apologies for the quietness. I’m hoping to get a couple of posts out this week to make up for it. Watch this space.


Much love xx





7 thoughts on “How nice it is to get away..

  1. Weekends away are lovely, as long as you know to expect the planning before and the laundry after to take more time than the couple of days you took off! Daffodils – can’t even imagine those right now – here in my corner of the world we’ve had temperatures below freezing almost constantly for weeks, and quite the buildup of snow. We can’t really do any gardening until at least April. But that’s ok, because I’d rather be crocheting anyway.


    1. Oh yes the aftermath! I still haven’t got round to washing everything. Luckily I’d been half planning it all week, just waiting for the green light.

      I was overjoyed when I saw them. In Wales they’re everywhere, but they’ve been getting earlier and earlier. It fills me with hope that things’ll get better. It’s the same with crocuses. I knew that when the crocuses were out in my mums garden that Spring was here and things were looking up. Keep nice and wrapped up in your snow and cold. Stay inside and craft 🙂 there’s no better excuse.


  2. A quiet weekend is so restorative! I’m with you on the spring flowers. They do harbor a promise of life and sunshine. I brought my tulips in just this week, hoping for a little color while we wait for spring to arrive in April.


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