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SAL update No 1

So I know everyone says it, but how quickly does it come around again?!?

I was feeling really happy that I’d even managed to pick Big G up, until I looked at the pictures.

Heres before..


Heres after

g5A spot the difference situation I’m afraid.


I’ve tried to concentrate on some of the blank areas, mostly the banner section on the left. The gold is a glorious colour.


I’ve also filled some of the colours in nearer the middle. You might not be able to tell from the picture but there’s 2 different colours in the bottom clump.


I haven’t been feeling up to doing the bitty colours where you’ve got only 1 square per page in that colour, so I’ve been more focussed on the bigger blocks.

Of course there’s been the mandatory filling in and outlining which wont look like anything on an update picture. I think I’ll need to do a beginning picture and then put it next to the 4th or 5th update. Then it’ll really show. I’ve worked a bit on the outline and getting ready to outline my next star.


So there we are. Not a lot, but progress all the same. One stitch at a time etc.

Think I need to reassess how I’m working on it. Still haven’t got my arm used to holding the big frame again. Also had my lamp to the side of me on the sofa last night trying to get the best use out of it. This seems to be a mistake as when I eventually looked up my right eye had trouble adjusting and did a weird white spot thing, like after you’ve been to the opticians. Must find a better way.

As always, I would highly recommend going to look at the other crafters in this SAL. There are some amazing projects going on and I can’t wait to see the ones from our new members. If you’re looking to join in, speak to Avis and she can get you sorted. Details are below. Go do it now!


Kathy MargaretCindyHelen, LindaCatherine, Wendy

To finish you off, I though I’d add a picture of the rascals. After my eye had settled down, I ventured upstairs to find them actually sharing their new radiator bed that we got them for Christmas. Proof that the can be lovely when they want to!


Much love xx


27 thoughts on “SAL update No 1

  1. This looks like a huge project! But all progress is progress. When I have that problem with a light I tend to move it just slightly so it is coming at a slightly different angle. And look up a little more frequently to let my eyes adjust! Good luck.


      1. Well my frame is huge. 30×12” I think. Biggest I could find. Ideally want one of the ones you can sit under, but none would hold it. Have toyed with the idea of getting two and having one either side. That might have to be my option.

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  2. Any progress is still progress! This is an epic piece, it reminds me of a big jigsaw puzzle,mint takes ages to get it going, but once things begin to roll, it makes its own momentum.


  3. Not a lot of progress?! You are a fast stitcher! 😄 Looking great! You are very brave to do all that counting and go for those patches of color within the project!


      1. Lol, you’re funny! I hear ya though, variety keeps us going and helps us enjoy the process 😀


  4. As they say (and it applied to me this time as well), any progress is progress! This does look like a big project. I hope you can work out your stitching station so you can see more easily and stitch more comfortably.


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