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There’s a first time for everything

Hello! Welcome to the first – possibly the only – blog post from me. My intention is for this to be a good way for me to document various things. Leaky home updates, my journey, and hopefully emergence from my current hermit lifestyle, but mostly all my crafty goings on. It’ll be a good was to prove to Himself that I do actually finish projects. Lets hope it doesn’t prove that I don’t!

As this is my first please bear with me while I try and find my way around. Expect bad iPhone pictures and blank sections for the foreseeable.

You find me on this bright and sunny autumn afternoon worrying about the C word. I’m sorry to announce, but we have just over 9 weeks until Christmas. This year to save funds and generally create a nicer Christmas, I decided to have as much of a homemade Christmas as possible. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years, but time and ideas always ran away from me. I dabbled a tad last year with a family of hats and the knitted Lego brick doorstop which can be found here. Unfortunately, poverty encouraged me to step it up a bit this year. When I say a bit, I mean that I may have bitten off more than I can chew…


At some point during the week I realised I was behind schedule with time rapidly running out. So yesterday I did what any sensible (anal) person would do and made a list. Complete with deadlines and flagged up snippets of time where I can concentrate on certain secret projects. I love the wave of calm that washes over me once I’ve finished a list. Of course within 2 hours a spanner had been thrown in the works, so revisions galore. Anyway the long and short is that I need to finish one of my WIPs by Monday. And by finish I mean I still have a lot to do plus end weaving, plus washing and drying and not to forget wrapping. I’d better get moving! The worst thing about making these presents is I won’t be able to post about progress until they’ve gone into the ether. I promise to update when I can, with probably a mammoth reveal on Boxing Day.


So this is my picture of the day. One of the reasons I bought this house was for the view. I wanted to be able to look at mountains. Anyone from this little part of South Wales will know that you cant get away from looking at mountains, but I used to wake up to this view (just slightly closer) every morning. I knew I’d miss it moving away so was thrilled to be able to find that I could still wake up and look at them. You can usually get a better picture from further down the garden, but you might be able to see an incomplete wall at the bottom of the picture. This picture signifies the calm before the storm. Shortly after it was taken the garden was invaded by bricklayers, scaffolders and builders. Not in that order. While the scenic views keep me cheery, the falling down nature of the house doesn’t. After months of waiting for separate works to start on both sides of the house they all turn up at once. Law of sod. Feeling a tad overwhelmed and very late for work, I decided to leave them to it. I’m one of those people who always seems to get in the way, so it was probably safer if I didn’t venture out. I’d only be an accident. We’ll what’s been going on when I return.

But anyway. Look at those sky colours. You might have noticed but I’m a huge fan of sunsets and rises. I could (and have) taken endless pictures of the beautiful colours, but they never come out as beautiful as they actually are. It’s impossible to capture beauty like that. Doesn’t stop me trying though. I wish that I could paint and then the house would be filled with sunsets and sunrises. As it is, I struggle drawing even straight lines. So I’ll have to be content with a colour pattern for a new blanket perhaps? I’ll get my thinking cap on.

So how did I do? Not a lot of craft on reflection. That’ll change soon enough… Thanks for reading 🙂 x

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